Why MBA is necessary after having a graduation degree from reputed college?

Since it is known as Masters in business administration. The name itself tells its significance. MBA nowadays, is required to enhance personal as well as professional skills of an individual.

MBA holder gets more diversification in jobs whether it is independently performing for your business or acting as an administrative officer of a company. It also helps one to have financial independence by getting desired job and good position in a company, etc.

MBA has importance in every field whether it is engineering or an accounting firm. It doesn’t require to have a specific field expertise it has diversified over the period of time as per industrialization and requirements arose from past few decades.

Most commonly, students choose following MBA:-

1. Human resource (HR)

2. Information technology (IT)

3. Finance and accounting

4. Marketing

5. Operations

Apart from above list. There are other fields of MBA as given below:-

1. International business

2. Logistics

3. Production

4. Operation research

5. Project management, etc.

Since I have excellent knowledge in my field I would be helping you by providing guidance and right approach to understand the critical topics by regular research I will post some topics on daily basis and if you’re in current year of MBA then it will definitely going to help you. And not delaying much let’s get started with few topics.

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