Human Resource Management

In today’s article we will discuss about human resource management. This plays major role in business organization because good and hard working employees are the key ingredient to any successful business. So the topics we are going to cover today in this are mentioned as follows:

  • Meaning of HRM
  • Definitions by various management scholars
  • Features of HRM
  • Principles of HRM
  • Functions of HRM
  • Conclusion

It is the methodology of optimum utilisation of manpower for the work in an organization to achieve desired organisational objective as a whole. Its decision and action that may affect the relationship between the organization and its employees. It deals with the procurement of human resource, training and maintenance of human resource.

In other words, Human resource management simply implies to the planning, organising, directing and controlling the operative functions of procurement, development, compensation and maintenance of Human resource of an organization goals. Human resource management is concerned with the ‘people’ dimensions of the organization. The objective of any organization is best obtained by acquiring Human resource, development of skills, motivating them for high rate performance and ensure employee loyalty for the organization.


“Human Resource Management is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and attending to their labour relations, health, safety and fairness concerns.”

-by Gary Dessler

“Human Resource Management is the recruitment, selection, development, utilisation of and accommodation to human resources by organisations.”

-by French Wendell

“It is basically a method of developing potentialities of employees so that they feel maximum satisfaction of their work and give their best efforts to the organization”

-by Pigors and Myers

“Human resource management encompasses those activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resources of an organization Human resource functions refer to those tasks and duties performed in organizations to provide for and coordinate human resources”

by Byars and Rue
Build capable employee chain with help of good Human resource management

Features of Human resource management:

  • Human resource planning – It involves analysis of internal and external factors by determining the organizations human resource needs, strategies and philosophies.
  • Optimum work force.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of employees.
  • Development process.
  • Goal orientation.
  • Motivating employees at all level of functional departments.

Human resource management is broadly the term associated with how an organization manage its employees, how they get remuneration for the objective they achieved, Are they happy in organization etc.

Every individual/employee working for an organization expects appreciation at various levels of achievements but if any organization is lacking in fulfilling its employees basic needs then the negative and adverse situation may happen in goals and desires of the organization. To keep there employees morale high and boosted it is necessary to provide them monetary and emotional support so that employees can perform as per requirements.

There are some principles of human resource management depends on the manner in which HR policies and procedures are framed, implemented and governed. They are mentioned as follows:-

  1. Individualistic approach
  2. Make employees feel worthwhile
  3. Fair and just policies.
  4. Rewards
  5. Equal pay for equal work.
  6. Judge the strength of the employees.
  7. All employees have a right to organizational information as it facilitates timely execution of work.

Functions of Human resource management:

  • Motivation
  • Employees relation
  • Performance appraisal
  • Career Development
  • Training and development
  • Compensation and other benefits
  • Recruitment and orientation
  • Inception function means identification of skills, knowledge and abilities in an applicant.


HRM is the management function that helps the manager to plan, recruit, select, train, develop, remunerate and maintain person for the organization. This is why it is consider as the key ingredient for any organization success. HRM in broader way deals with management, planning and development of its human resource to run them for long term and keep them motivated throughout the achievement of the organization goal.


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