Wood carvings of Kallakurichi- GI Tag

The wooden carvings of Kallakurichi of Tamil Nadu recently have received GI tag. A unique form of sophisticated designing carved in wood that are practised in Kallakurichi district of Tamil Nadu. It involves the application of ornamentation and designs, derived from traditional styles by the craftsmen. This is also practiced in other districts of Tamil…More


Karuppur Kalamkari painting- GI tag

Recently, Kalamkari painting which are practised in Thanjavur region has received GI tag. Kalamkari paintings are being practiced in Karuppur and its neighbouring villages. These are traditional dye-painted figurative and patterned cloth made for temples like ceiling cloth, cylindrical hangings, umbrella covers and chariot covers Kalamkari means creating something with use of “Kalam” or a…More

Accounting- Meaning, Definition, Features, accounting conventions and concept, etc.

Accounting process of keeping a track of transactions by the various forms of tools present with us for knowing the financial status of the firm over a time period. Generally, Accounting is described as the process of recording, assessing and communicating financial transactions helps individual and organisation know their financial health. In a company, Accountant…More