Confused between LLP or Private limited company?

Are you confused which type of company is good for your business!.. LLP or Private limited? Let us tell you some differentiated features, pros and cons that make both good in their part and then you can decide easily as per your choice and kind of work business you deal in!.. Why LLP? It is…More


Human Resource Management

In today’s article we will discuss about human resource management. This plays major role in business organization because good and hard working employees are the key ingredient to any successful business. So the topics we are going to cover today in this are mentioned as follows: Meaning of HRM Definitions by various management scholars Features…More

Marketing concept

Before coming directly to the concept. Let us understand the concept of Market place and Market space. Market place is that physical place where two parties i.e buyers and sellers meet for an exchange of goods and services. e.g. traditional way of shopping. Market space is the concept to the virtual world where buyers and…More

Prepare for UGC-NET

Hello everyone, There are some queries about how to prepare for UGC-NET(JRF). So today I have found amazing booklist you must have while preparing for the exam. Description:- Well organized comprehensive set of 4 books that cover entire syllabus of paper 1(2021). Written by experienced faculties upon rigorous analysis of previous NET papers as well…More

Prepare best for your MBA entrance

It is noted that few students want to clear exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT etc. to get best college for MBA. Here is a quick advice to crack such competitive exam by having this book as your guide. Link for the same is given below you can buy, simply by clicking. For more such…More